Michael is an experienced orchestral contractor and currently contracts musicians for several companies and projects throughout the UK.


He provides instrumentalists, orchestras and ensembles for various type of engagements from recording and session work, to Live platform and pit orchestra performance. Michael has also recently began contracting soloists, bands and ensembles for corporate engagements.


​Michael works with many national and local companies like that of the Ambassador Theatre Group, The Arden School of Theatre and Ulverston Choral Society as well as many independant Musicial Directors: 


"Michael takes all the hard work out of sourcing musicians, and works within all budgets, providing the best possible band for shows. He has a wide variety of experienced musicians with an array of different specialities, and always sources the musicians that will bring out the best in any part/ensemble. I would highly recommend Michael as a fixer for any function/musical event." 

Paul Lawton, Musical Director, Ambassador's Theatre Group.


With a tailored approach to every single client, Michael can offer anything from one instrumentalist to a full size symphony orchestra. To enquire about services and obtain a quote for your engagement, Contact Michael.

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